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BREAKING NEWS! Our long-term goal to establish ourselves more permanently is finally coming to fruition! Stay tuned for the upcoming opening of our first brick and mortar location in the Ski Run Marina this Spring 2019!

Rolling this business venture out has been a long sought-after dream of ours, so we thank you for your patronage.

But don't you worry: we will still cater to all the fun events through Spring and Summer in our classic, pop-up style— so check our calendar to stop by and quench your 'Empanada' fix!

We are a small family-owned catering business, located in the heart of  South Lake Tahoe. As long-time members of this blossoming community, we wanted to contribute to the food renaissance we are currently experiencing on our shore with a little-known delicacy from our Argentine culture.

With dough-love,

The Empa-family.



Empanadas are a stuffed puff pastry, usually baked or fried, common to many Latin American cultures. Their roots can be traced all the way back to the Spanish peninsula and its Moorish heritage.


Yes, the arabic culture was the first to master the flaky dough known as ‘hojaldre’ that is foundational in french, spanish, italian and even russian cuisines, among many others.


The name 'empanada’ comes from the verb 'empanar', meaning ‘to wrap or coat in bread'. 'Empanadas' are made by folding –and sealing– circular flat dough cutouts around stuffing. The latter can consist of a variety or combination of meats, cheeses, spices, vegetables or fruits, among others.


Each EmpaNash is 'love-crafted' with only the freshest and finest ingredients —using no preservatives or additives of any kind. These family recipes have been battle-tested and improved over generations. Made fresh with you in mind, 'fryer-to-table'! :D

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